Summer Camp, Bhubaneswar & Sundergarh

May 12, 2015

Darshan Academy Bhubaneswar hosted a four day summer camp at the school in May. Around 50 children participated in the camp. The theme was "Happiness." Students learned songs related to happiness, and engaged in various fun activities. They also reflected on what makes them happy. Students presented a few items to their parents on the last day of the summer camp. Parents attended an excellent talk by Ms Sharma on "Raising Happy Children through Meditation" on the last day. Teachers of Darshan Academy Bhubaneswar and Sundergarh took part in exciting afternoon training workshops during the week to support their teaching skills. A similar summer camp is scheduled at Darshan Academy Sundergarh from 12th to 16th May. The summer camp activities brought a smile on the faces of children.


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