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DEF All India Leadership Workshop

(July 6, 2018)

Principals and senior coordinators from Darshan Academies participated in a three day leadership workshop facilitated by Darshan Education Foundation from 25 – 27 June 2018. The venue was Kirpal Bagh, Delhi. The aim was to to enhance quality leadership in the schools and provide a forum to network with administrators from other Darshan Academies. This workshop is held every year and examines relevant and timely educational and administrative themes presented by expert facilitators. Each day started with meditation and an uplifting DVD spiritual talk by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, Founder Chairman of Darshan Education Foundation. In his welcome address, Mr Ashwani Sachdeva, President of Darshan Education Foundation, explained that workshops act as bridges to help the growing leaders refine their managerial shills – be it administrative or academic. He appreciated all the Academies for their improved board results of classes X & XII. Workshop sessions focused on a variety of topics. Darshan Education Foundation staff showcased best practices in administration, information technology, human resources, finances and instructional leadership. Mr. R. Meganathan from the Department of Education in Languages, NCERT helped participants understand the significance of ‘engagement with language’ and the need of experiential learning. Ms. Ajita Deshmukh from CIET, NCERT explained how to develop an interesting and interactive digital repository. DEF Education Officers Dr. S. P. Thakur and Dr. Khokkar talked about health and physical education, CBSE guidelines and facilitated a fruitful open discussion. The topic ‘Key Priority Areas’ was taken up by Dr. N Mythili, Assistant Professor, NCSL, NUEPA. Participants were invited to share the three best practices implemented in their schools which have impacted their improvement. The session ended with the valuable advice of building trust and a collaborative system in the institution. In a session on ‘Beyond Classroom Education’ Brigadier Mukesh explained how to enhance students’ awareness beyond subject specific knowledge, and how to expose students to career opportunities and career mapping based on aptitude. Ms Poonam Ghai, National Coordinator of the Spiritual Curriculum, highlighted the conduct of the yearly Poetry Fest and the role of DATeacher Trainers. Dr K S Yadav made a qualitative analysis of the board results of classes X and XII, comparing the scores of different subjects in the Academies over the past years and shared tips for continuous improvement. In a motivational talk, Ms Meenu Chopra encouraged all to be engaged leaders and to promote team work and empathy. Lastly, in a surprise spin, trophies were given away to different schools for various achievements. The workshop ended on a promising note of bringing together ideas and strategies that can be implemented in the schools. The training provided an outstanding opportunity to understand how to empower students and shared systems, resources and tools for school leadership

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