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Health Awareness Rally, Darshan Academy, Dasuya

Darshan Academy, Dasuya celebrated Kirpal Week of Loving Kindness with students embarking on a mission to spread awareness of the coronavirus. Holding placards and chanting slogans on the causes and preventions against the deadly virus, they covered Dasuya City’s market area and railway station. Principal Rasik Gupta urged students to utilize all available precautions and services provided by the government and not to panic. He also advised students to use sanitizers, wash their hands before eating and cover their mouths with handkerchiefs while sneezing, because prevention is always better than cure.

(February 17, 2020)

Students visit to Old Age Home, Dasuya

As a part of Silver Jubilee celebration ’25 years of Sparkling Souls and spreading peace’ Darshanites collected-biscuits, breads, soaps. Hand wash, clothes, etc. as a part of donation drive and visited “Baba Deep Singh-Old Age Home’, Garhdiwala on 7 Feb 2020. Students and staff contributed generously. Students spent some quality time with the old people and experienced the contentment looking at their happy faces. The life for many is very difficult, but the staff taking care of them tries their best to help them to lead a better and hopeful life. After every visit Darshan Academy team left the place with the heavy heart. Interacting with such people makes one realize the importance of facilities one avails in life and tank God, with whose grace we are able to help others, in need.

(February 11, 2020)

Farewell Party, Dasuya

Darshan Academy, Dasuya’s class XI students organized a farewell party on 25 January 2020 for the outgoing class XII students. They received a warm welcome by the juniors as they entered wearing elegant attire. The fiesta celebrated the joyous times and years spent together with friends and teachers. Many interesting and tricky games were played to pep up the environment. Different titles, such as, Mr. and Ms. Popular, Charming, Silent Bee, Dashing and Darshanite were awarded to the students. Songs were dedicated to teachers and students from the outgoing class, a special Gidda was performed by girls of class XI, and a parting speech was given by Dilpreet and Lovepreet. Principal and teachers wished all the outgoing students best of luck for their future.

(February 2, 2020)

Report on Celebration of Basant Panchami

Basant Panchmi is a festival full of joy and endless blessings. It marks the advent of spring season and to mark the occasion, Darshan Academy Dasuya celebrated Basant Panchmi with great fervor and enthusiasm on 30th January 2020 in its junior wing. All the students as well as the teachers came clad in the shades of yellow color which really looked very attractive. Students brought colorful kites and knitting yarn as string for flying kites. The whole school campus was decorated with colorful kites and streamers. Students brought special yellow colored delicacies in their lunch boxes such as Laddos, yellow halwa, yellow rice, dhokla, etc. Principal Sir flied kites along with the students and the teachers and instructed students to avoid using china made string for flying kites as it can hurt them as well as others. The celebrations ended on a happy note. Students shared their food with one another and enjoyed a lot. Darshan Academy Dasuya always celebrates such important festivities to make students enjoy along with studies.

(February 2, 2020)

Lohri Celebration, Dasuya

As a part of the Silver Jubilee celebration, Darshan Academy, Dasuya celebrated Lohri on 11 January 2020. The parents were invited to a special festive assembly where students showcased their oratory skills by reciting beautiful poems and giving a presentation on the importance of the Lohri festival. The girls of classes 7th and 8th presented the giddha dance to the traditional songs of Punjab while students joined the fun by singing songs of Lohri. Groundnuts and sweets were distributed among the students. The principal, Mr. Rasik Gupta, expressed his hope that the coming year would bring happiness in their lives.

(January 15, 2020)

Teacher Training Spiritual Curriculum Workshop on Demo Lesson Plans, Dasuya

Darshan Academy, Dasuya organised a teacher training workshop related to Spiritual Curriculum demo lesson plans on 6 January 2019. The workshop began with ten minutes of meditation and a video message by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Teachers were divided into groups and were given different spiritual topics like conflict resolution, nonviolence, selfless service, vegetarian diet and introspection. The Spiritual Curriculum taught at Darshan Academy is a unique opportunity for children to learn life skills and become peacemakers. Each group of teachers came up with engaging activities and ideas and shared them with each other. Ms Sharda, the workshop observer, praised the innovative efforts of DA, Dasuya and expressed her joy at being at the workshop. Principal, Mr Rasik Gupta motivated all the teachers to keep their spirits high and learn as well as teach each other. The workshop was a fruitful event.

(January 15, 2020)

DA Dasuya Students Participate in International Summit

International Adolescent Summit on life skills, gender, safety and school well being was organized by Expressions India on 12 and 13 December 2019 at the National Science Centre , New Delhi. Approximately 30 schools participated in the event. There were five representatives of each school who took part in different activities like Dance, Exhibition, Youth Parliament, Utopia (Expressing through brushes), Nukad Natak and Rhetoric. The motive behind organizing the event was to mould young minds to stand out as community leaders. Dilpreet, Bhawna, Gurpreet, Rajneet and Harveen represented Darshan Academy Dasuya at the Summit. They received appreciation certificates and medals for being a part of the event. The student team said that it was a great learning experience for all of them.

(January 2, 2020)

Discovery School Super League Competition, Dasuya

Students of grades 4-9 of Darshan Academy Dasuya participated in Discovery School Super League Competition by BYJU’S. Discovery School Super League is one of India’s biggest, national level inter-school contests. It is a critical thinking and aptitude based competition. In round 1, held in October, there was a 100 percent participation of all DA Dasuya students of grades 4 to 9. Round 1 toppers are: Class 4 – Bikrant, Class 5 – Harkirat, Class 6 Harshdeep, Class 7 – Mehak, Class 8 – Komal, Class 9 Amardeep. Two students, Bikrant and Amardeep, of our school performed exceptionally well in Maths and Science and qualified for Round 2. Principal, Mr.Rasik Gupta, distributed the kits sent by BYJU’S to the winners and motivated all the students to keep achieving heights in all spheres of life. He also talked about the importance of participating in such competitions as it helps us gain proficiency to crack high level competitive exams. The school keeps encouraging students to participate in competitions as they help students expand their knowledge horizons.

(January 2, 2020)

Rock Sport Trip, Dasuya

Darshan Academy, Dasuya’s students of class I to XII spent a fun filled day of adventure at the Rock Sport Outdoor Camp at LPU, Jalandhar on 25th Dec 2019. They participated in many outdoor activities such as zip lining, rock climbing, pottery, tractor ride, commando net, commando crawl, Burma bridge, and tug of war. A combination of games and life skills activities under the supervision of teachers and professional instructors made the experience richer, joyful, and rewarding. At the end of the day they all left for their homes with lots of happy memories.

(January 2, 2020)

Grandparents Day, Dasuya

As a part of the Silver Jubilee Celebration, "25 years of sparking souls and spreading peace”, Darshan Academy Dasuya organized a Grandparents Day themed “Bargad Ki Chaya” on 24 December 2019. Mrs & Mr Sukhdev Singh were the guests of honour. Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love. Grandparents are a family’s precious treasure, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest story tellers, and the keepers of tradition. What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. The programme began with the auspicious lightening of the lamp and was followed by Shabad and welcome song. Many power packed dance performances by students left the spectators spellbound. There were a few games organized for the grandparents. The bhangra by Baba Ji (Grandparents) and ramp walk by grandmothers were mesmerizing. The quiz themed “Tere Dil Ki Baat Main Janu” showcased the special bond shared by the couples. A beautiful play was performed by the teachers regarding the importance of playing physical games giving important message to the youth and children in a funny and entertaining way. The programme wrapped up with a tug of war between grandparents and grandchildren and a startling bhangra performance.

(December 26, 2019)


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