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77th Independence Day Celebration

Celebrating the 77th Independence Day of our dear motherland has been a matter of pride for each of us. Remembering and offering tributes to the freedom fighters who fought tirelessly for this day is the duty of every Indian. With this message, our tiny Darshanite 

Children’s Day

Every child is a different kind of flower, and they make this world a beautiful garden.  Darshan Academy, Bhubaneswar, celebrated Children’s Day on November 14 on the school premises. On this occasion, a flower tribute was offered to India’s first Prime Minister. The tiny Darshanites 

Love and Service Week

Darshan Academy Bhubaneswar celebrated the 76th birth anniversary of the founder chairman of Darshan Education Foundation, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj during Love and Service Week and cherished the various activities organized on this auspicious occasion. Students engaged in a food bank activity, distribution of 

Professional Spiritual Curriculum Training Workshops

Three professional training workshops for teachers, trainers and heads focused on teaching the spiritual curriculum at different grade levels. They were organised online by Darshan Education Foundation to empower the teachers and enhance student learning. Darshan Academy staff from all over India participated in the 

Three-Day National Workshop for Heads and Senior Coordinators of Darshan Academies

Darshan Education Foundation hosted a three-day National Workshop for Heads and Senior Coordinators of Darshan Academies on June 23, 24 and 25, 2022. The leadership workshop covered various topics, such as understanding the responsibilities of school leaders enshrined in the National Education Policy 2020 and 

Online National Workshop for Pre-Primary Coordinators and Teachers

Darshan Education Foundation organised a two day online National Workshop for Pre-Primary Coordinators and Teachers on 17 and 18 August 2022. Participants from Darshan Academies all over India took part in the enriching workshop. There was a plethora of topics, ranging from using a multisensory approach to teaching, 

Happy Teacher’s day 2022

A big thank you to all our Darshan Academy and Vidyalaya teachers. We honour your tireless work, and the loving guidance you give every day to all your students. You are making a huge difference in each student’s life, helping them to grow and blossom. 

“Experience the Inner You in 2022” Inspiring Message by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for 2022

New Year’s Address by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj On the dawn of a new year, tens of thousands around the world joyfully tuned into the web broadcast of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. In his new year’s address, the spiritual Master and founder chairman 

Darshan Education Foundation Workshop, “Creating a Welcoming Environment”

Darshan Education Foundation organized an online spiritual curriculum workshop on the topic “Creating a Welcoming Environment” for all DA teachers on May 29, 2021.  MC, Ms Anjali Keshwani welcomed everyone with an overview. All the academies participated in an ice-breaker game initiated by DA Pune, 

Darshan Education Foundation, Spiritual Curriculum Teacher Trainer Workshop

Darshan Education Foundation organised a Spiritual Curriculum Teacher Training Workshop on June 12, 2021, for DEF officials, the spiritual team, resource persons, heads of all academies and teacher trainers. It was hosted by Darshan Education Foundation with Ms. Mamta Sabharwal as the MC. The workshop